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???? face about me ♪♪♪

why would ur roommate even let them be there if he knows that he’s not allowed over like man he could’ve taken them out somewhere that’s jank i’m gomen :U why is he not allowed? also i’m gonna see when katie bell is free next cuz i wanna see my qurls
well I said he could stay last night because some stuff happened but now my roommate is working a double and his brother is just sitting here like it’s no big fucking deal YOU WERE ALLOWED TO STAY ONE NIGHT GET THE FUCK OUT i’m so fucking heated right now
and he’s not allowed here because he disrespected the fuck out of me multiple times (in my own house), and continues to, when I was nothing but nice and respectful to him. he’s basically a giant fucking child that everyone babys and is confused because I’m not letting him do and say whatever he wants without consequences like everyone else does.
but I just talked to my roommate I guess he’s about to leave. I feel bad putting him in an awkward position but wow I’m not gonna let someone show me the utmost disrespect, CONTINUE to disrespect me and be cool with it you know?

wow I’m so sorry for this wall of text I’m just mad BUT YES I would love to hang out with you ladiesssss~

  1. argaynine said: oh homie i’m sorry, that’s such jank. i’m glad you’re standing up to that shitstain though, nobody deserves to be disrespected. :U and don’t be sorry sssssh talking and ranting is what i’m here for ya feel
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